Den Hertog services innovation model (6-dimensions, 2010)

The Big Picture…

Back in 2000, Pim den Hertog introduced a 4-dimensional services innovation model. Ten years later he introduced an updated 6-dimension model in “Capabilities For Managing Service Innovation: Towards A Conceptual Framework“.

[Image of model]

Where the updates are:

  • delivery systems dimension is divided into two: new delivery systems (technology) and new delivery systems (people, organisation, culture).
  • technology dimension is removed
  • revenue model dimension is added
  • business partners dimension is added

Additionally, the model leverages the emerging field of dynamic capabilities.

And it is this model that I look at in this article. Whereas I discuss my alternative enhancement in “A Modern Services Innovation Framework“.

New Business Partners

Adding business partners reflects the observation that the full service an end-user receives can often be the result of a combination of different services. Think of on-line shopping for physical goods. There is always a package delivery service involved, which is often not part of the on-line provider.

New Revenue Model

Highlighting the revenue/business model is a key aspect. It reflects how revenue models have changed the last 20 years from a simple one-off payment and ownership to, for example, subscription and non-ownership.

New Delivery System (Technology)

Additionally, the original Technology Options dimension reasonably changes to New Delivery System (Technology).

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