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Case Studies that are of interest

We'll look at describing some examples of services using my update to Gallouj & Weinstein "service as characteristics" model.

And we'll take some examples from across the service-service continuum. From self-service - which includes what we would have called goods in the old days - through to full service.

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Where does Electrolux's recently launched robotic vacuum cleaner service sit on the goods-service continuum? What aspects of the ongoing shift to the service economy does this service address? What could Electrolux do next? And, will this be successful?

This mini case study looks at all these questions around the service recently launched on the Swedish market, built upon their successful product.

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The music reproduction industry is a fascinating industry to observe. It shows the progression to a service economy but also starts as a service.

Along the way we see service development is dependent upon product developments and supporting innovations from other industries

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