Welcome to the What is innovation? Journey

A journey through the site’s articles that look at defining what is innovation.

We start with discussing what is innovation. Beginning with the early Schumpter’s definitions in the 1930s. Through the diversion of product/manufacturing bias. And concluding with our modern service-dominant logic lens on the definition.

Then there are some articles that look at particular characterisation on innovation. First up is disruptive innovation. A solid theory, but yet another word that is used in every day speach too loosely. For example, is Uber a disruptive innovation in the taxi market? Not really, from a theory perspective.

Let's define innovation, avoiding the trap of value-in-exchange (that normal definitions have) and open our thinking up for wider success.

Innovation is creating and offering a new (to the organisation, market/industry, or world) value proposition:

  1. that helps a beneficiary make progress better than they can currently
  2. that improves during, or as a result of, the naturally occurring value co-creation
  3. which is delivered through the scalable and sustainable co-ordination of skills and resources (often across an ecosystem)
  4. and where resistance is minimised

Note, in particular, how our service-dominant logic lens steers us to focus differently on value. compared to normal old-school definitions

Reading time <14 mins