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Hi, I’m Adam, the main author of this site (for sure, I’d be glad to connect).  As a former Chief Innovation Officer I have experience of success and failure in creating and implementing an innovation approach.

At the peak I had 29 items in the innovation pipeline.  Everything from harnessing blockchain and internet of things (IoT), through practical approaches to common every day problems, to exciting ideas with partners around leveraging big data and the earth’s plate tectonics.

18 months after taking the decision to start an innovation programme in our global account, we closed it.  Getting traction for our ideas was challenging, we were unhappy with our results.

But, I and my management team are not alone. 

McKinsey highlighted in January 2018 that only 6% of executives they interviewed were happy with their innovation efforts (McKinsey’s Innovation and Growth report, 2018). 

So I am in the group of  94% that are not happy.  And the odds are that you too are in this group with me.

The purpose of this site is to further expand and share the outcome of my success/failure, and my ongoing research into how to make innovation more successful.

Here’s the background diagrammatically!


Chief Innovation Officer

Lighting the fires and building the innovation approach. My team and I set off, on a journey filling the innovation pipeline…


Getting Lean

Implementing tools to manage ideation. Trawling the company for ideas we could re-package and leverage.

Introducing the Lean Canvas as a tool to iteratively grow ideas into innovations. Needed to get better alignment to business terms and concerns.


The Hard Work

Closed down innovation approach in the global account.

I started an MBA at Imperial College London with emphasis on entrepreneurship and a desire to explore why innovation success was so hard to reach.


The Enlightenment

MBA final project on improving innovation success in client-supplier relationships. Here I identified service invasion thinking is key to innovation success in today’s economy.

Additionally successful innovation need to pull from many disciplines (sales, marketing, stratgy, organisation theory, change management and more). Not just as “simple” as implementing ideation.


The innovation problem

McKinsey identify 94% of executives are unhappy with innovation performance.


SolvInnov.com launched

to share my insights and thoughts; and more importantly to build and improve on them with your inputs and insights….

So, what can you expect to get from this site? X main things:

  • What is the innovation problem in depth and what can be done to address it, including:
    • Use services dominated innovation thinking
  • How those approaches are applicable for digital transformation and reacting to digital native startups attacking your current business.
  • An approach to score an innovation’s implementation complexity for a particular firm.  Armed with that knowledge, it is possible to:
    • enhance innovation portfolio management
    • engineer down the implementation complexity of innovation
    • build business cases for performing actions which might not themselves be innovative, but will lower innovation implementation complexity (e.g. implement APIs, or perform data cleansing etc)

This blog is a place where I want to share my thinking, and more importantly engage in discussion to further improve the ideas.  Like service innovation, I want to co-generate value.  So please, read, engage, and let’s fix this 94% problem together!

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