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This article is different to the rest. I started this site with the article The Innovation Problem. Which captures the issues I found as a Chief Innovation Officer starting an innovation function from zero on a global account. Along the way I’ve written many articles exploring those problems and potential solutions.

Here I am building The Innovation Solution.

As such it is a work in progress and will be continually updated. The format, shape, and even order of this article will change as I move forwards with my thinking. The aim of the end result is to have a blue print I will take forwards with me to super-charge innovation, deliver results, and once and for all get rid of the innovation problem.

Innovation first thinking

No point running business as normal, with a side-gig of innovation.

Set an innovation ambition – do we want to be incremental, radical, disruptive etc?

Service-dominant logic thinking

Everything is a service – even if we produce a goods. From this follows several aspects:

  • What job are you fulfilling for the customer?
  • Why are they hiring you
  • Focus is no longer the exchange of value at sales time
  • Rather it is on continuous relationship building
  • We have a market orientation

Market Orientation

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