Supercharging the Circular Economy with Service-dominant logic.

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The next loop outwards relates to reusing or redistributing goods. There has long been a market for this loop from hand-me-downs within families through newspaper classified ads and on to Craigslists etc.

What we see now are services popping up to get the job of reuse/redistribution done easier for the user. Say you want to redistribute your clothes. You could use a traditional site where you make the advert, deal with the potential customers, pack and send the clothes. Or, you could use a service like In that case, you just order a bag. Once you fill the bag with the items you want to distribute, Sellpy pick it up. They then sell your items on their store. The store’s experience is like a major retailers. They handle photographing and displaying the items, the sales and distribution process as well as customer service. It couldn’t be easier to redistribute your no-longer needed clothes (of course, for a fee). And it couldn’t be easier for customers looking to find their new second hand clothing.

But we also see extensions into new areas such as reducing food wastage by redistribution. Karma allows restaurants, cafes, bakers, grocery stores to quickly and easily sell food items that would otherwise go to waste.

The figures we see from Karma in Figure X make a compelling story. Free monthly marketing of €35K; 9000 saved meals (generating an extra revenue of €33K); a supermarket reducing CO2 emissions by 0.5 tonnes/month; and another selling 200kg more food in 2 months.

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