Value co-creation in service logic: A critical analysis

Grönroos, C. (2011)

Marketing Theory Vol. 11; Issue 3; pp 279-301
DOI: 10.1177/1470593111408177
The underpinning logic of value co-creation in service logic is analysed. It is observed that some of the 10 foundational premises of the so-called service-dominant logic do not fully support an under-standing of value creation and co-creation in a way that is meaningful for theoretical development and decision making in business and marketing practice. Without a thorough understanding of the inter-action concept, the locus as well as nature and content of value co-creation cannot be identified. Value co-creation easily becomes a concept without substance. Based on the analysis in the present article, it is observed that the unique contribution of a service perspective on business (service logic) is not that customers always are co-creators of value, but rather that under certain circumstances the service provider gets opportunities to co-create value together with its customers. Finally, seven statements included in six of the foundational premises are reformulated accordingly.

Challenges the Service-Dominant Logic view that value is always co-created between users and providers of services.  The main point being that customers are not always co-creators of value however under certain circumstances the provider gets to co-create with the customer.  The paper updates the 10 principles of SDL to 7 accordingly.

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