Towards innovation measurement in the software industry

Edison, H., bin Ali, N., Torkar, R. (2013)

The Journal of Systems and Software; Vol 86; pp 1390–1407
DOI: 10.1016/j.jss.2013.01.013

Gives a useful definition of “new” in innovation terms. New to firm, industry, market, world

Defines Novelty of innovation as follows:

  • New to the firm: The minimum level of novelty of innovation is that it must be new to firm. It is defined as the adoption of an idea, practice or behaviour whether a system, policy, program, device, process, product, technology or administrative practice that is new to the adopting organisation (Damanpour, 1992; Hage, 1999; Parashar and Sunil Kumar, 2005; Berger and Revilla Diez, 2006; Fruhling and Keng, 2007; Linton, 2007; Carmona-Lavado et al., 2010).
  • New to the market: When the firm is the first to introduce the innovation to its market (Acs and Audretsch, 1988; OECD, 2005).
  • New to the world: These innovations imply a greater degree of novelty than new to the market and include innovations first introduced by the firm to all markets and industries, domestic and international (OECD, 2005; Berger and Revilla Diez, 2006).
  • New to the industry: These innovations are new to the firm’s industry sector (Garcia and Calantone, 2002; De Jong and Vermeulen,2006; Beugelsdijk, 2008).

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