Service-Dominant Logic and Service Logic – Contradictory and/or Complementary?

Saarijärvi, H., Puustinen, P., Yrjölä, M., Mäenpää, K. (2017)

International Journal of Services Sciences; Vol 6; Issue 1; pp 1-25
DOI: 10.1504/IJSSCI.2017.10008998
In the contemporary marketing theoretical discussion there has been a widely established effort to revitalize the concept of service. In this endeavour, conceptual friction between two well-established marketing theoretical logics, namely Service-Dominant logic (S-D logic) and service logic has emerged. Although these perspectives have been widely debated, there have not been systematic efforts to analyse their conceptual differences. Analysing these differences will aid the further development toward more consistent marketing theory. Thus, this study identifies areas of contradiction and complementarity between S-D logic and service logic.

great overview of similarities and differences between Service-Dominant Logic and Service Logic

Useufl diagram on the historical developments; plus table on complimentary/conflicts between the two logics for various definitions.

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