Online servicescapes, trust, and purchase intentions

Harris, L. C., Goode, M. M. H. (2010)

Journal of Services Marketing, Vol 24(3), pp 230-243
DOI: 10.1108/08876041011040631
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss a conceptual model of purchase intentions, trust, and e-servicescape that presents online physical environments as comprising three dimensions. It aims to develop and extend existing research into physical service environments through proposing, operationalizing, and testing a model of online servicescape. Design/methodology/approach – The study utilizes a survey approach to gather data regarding consumers' perceptions of online servicescape. Surveys were administered to 257 respondents regarding a broad range of web sites. Findings – A measure of e-servicescape is evaluated that comprises three dimensions and 52 items while relationships between the dimensions of e-servicescape, trust, and purchase intentions are described. Research limitations/implications – The first contribution of this study stems from the successful operationalization of a comprehensive multi-item (in total 52 items), multi-scale (nine scales), multi-dimensional (three) measure of e-servicescape. Second, a contribution is made through the finding that trust constitutes a key variable during online exchange. Third, we contribute insights into the antecedents of consumers' purchase intentions. Finally, the study reveals that consumers' interpretations of online environments exert a powerful influence over trust and purchase intentions. Originality/value – The findings of this study also have numerous implications for both services managers and internet developers. The findings supply valuable insights into which factors practitioners should focus their attention to better tailor their approaches. This study strongly endorses the view that the loyalty intentions of online customers are linked to the extent to which they trust the service provider.

looks at e-servicescapes and is used in the article on marketing mix.

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