Learning orientation, firm innovation capability, and firm performance

Calantone, R. J., Cavusgil, T., Zhao, Y. (2002)

Industrial Marketing Management; Vol 31; Issue 6; pp515-524
DOI: 10.1016/S0019-8501(01)00203-6
Contemporary organizations require a strong learning orientation to gain competitive advantage. Based on in-depth interviews with senior executives and a review of the literature, the present investigation delineates four components of learning orientation: commitment to learning, shared vision, open-mindedness, and intra organizational knowledge sharing. A framework is tested using data from a broad spectrum of US industries. Learning orientation is conceptualized as a second-order construct. Its effect on firm innovativeness, which in turn affects firm performance, is examined. The results generally support theoretical predictions, and some interesting findings emerge.

Paper that defines and describes learning orientation.

Used in my article on improving the innovativeness of organisations.

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