Customer’s operant resources effects on co-creation activities

Alves H., Ferreira J.J., Fernandes C.I. (2016)

Journal of Innovation & Knowledge; Vol 1; Iss 2; pp 69-80
This study analyses the influence of client operant resources, in the form of self-efficacy, bridging social capital and customer expertise, on co-creation activities with companies and the customer resulting perceived benefits. A quantitative study, based on a sample of 362 consumers was carried out to test a model that sets out the relationships among the variables in analysis. The results demonstrate not only how operant resources do effectively contribute towards explaining a certain percentage of the variation in customer co-creation activities, but also how this resources influence gets boosted by the efforts companies make to educate their customers. The results also show that co-creation with the firm enhances customer perceived benefits.

Study showing customer operant resources and impact on co-creation of value/perceived benefits

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