Consumer resistance to innovations: the marketing problem and its solutions

Ram, S., Sheth, J. (1989)

Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 6 Issue: 2, pp.5-14
DOI: 10.1108/EUM0000000002542
The article explains why customers resist innovations even though they are considered necessary and desirable. The major barriers which create customer resistance to innovations have been identified and marketing strategies to overcome these barriers have been suggested. Primarily because most business corporations are faced with a very high rate of new product failure, only a small fraction of the new product Ideas chosen for market development are commercially successful. One of the major causes for market failure of innovations is the resistance they encounter from consumers. Yet, little research has been done on this subject. Most studies have focused on successful innovations and their rate of diffusion through the market. Some marketing scholars have emphasized the value of studying innovation resistance. However, except for a few studies, the concept remains neglected. First, an innovation may create a high degree of change in the consumers' day-to-day existence and disrupt their established routines. For example, the videotex, which offers in-home shopping services, when initially in France, met with high consumer resistance because of the changes it created in shopping behavior.

Gives the main barriers that cause resistance.

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