Co-creation and co-destruction:: A practice-theory based study of interactive value formation

Echeverri, P., Skålén, P. (2011)

Marketing Theory. Vol 11. pp 351-373
DOI: 10.1177/1470593111408181
Drawing on an empirical study of public transport, this paper studies interactive value formation at the provider-customer interface, from a practice-theory perspective. In contrast to the bulk of previous research, it argues that interactive value formation is not only associated with value co- creation but also with value co-destruction. In addition, the paper also identifies five interaction value practices – informing, greeting, delivering, charging, and helping—and theorizes how interactive value formation takes place as well as how value is inter-subjectively assessed by actors at the provider-customer interface. Furthermore, the paper also distinguishes between four types of interactive value formation praxis corresponding with four subject positions which practitioners step into when engaging in interactive value formation.

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