Fixing our innovation problem

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Please note: this article is just preliminary thoughts at the moment and needs some work
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What does our organisation look like when we have fixed the innovation problem?  It is one where we have:

  • enticed, enabled and enriched customers
  • constantly increasing revenue
  • year on year reduced costs of doing business
  • enhanced social credentials
  • happier executives and employees

How can we achieve this?

  • Create an Innovation Ambition for the company
  • Align that Innovation Ambition across the organisation
  • Increase the special orientations that drive innovativeness
    • Entrepreneurial orientation
    • Learning orientation
    • Market orientation
  • Drive  horizon 1 (deliver innovations)
  • Horizon 2 and 3 (develop and “disrupt”) driven through service innovation model and iterative runs through lean canvas.
  • Engage innovation pull over push (i.e. business needs to come with problems and innovation team collaborate to solve)
  • Implement strong innovation governance and strong innovataion chain
  • Implement strong change management inside organisation (change management of service innovations should be included as a part of the innovation deployment plan)

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