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Can service-dominant logic help us understand and harness the circular economy?


It's the shift from focus on sale and value-in-exchange, to co-value generation and value-in-use, that's key. This drives a relational way of thinking...which can enable circular management of goods.

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Our economies are increasingly services dominant. Yet we typically perform service innovation using product innovation approaches. This raises two questions. Firstly, are service and product innovation the same? Secondly, should, or even can, we apply product-dominant innovation thinking in our service-dominant economies? That McKinsey’s recently found 94% of executives are not happy with the outcome […]
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This site started with The Innovation Problem - not least that 94% of executives are unhappy with innovation performance- and my experience starting a global innovation account's innovation function.

What is the solution?

That is what this article builds. Pulling out the lessons from all the articles on this site I am building a blueprint of an organisation and approach that doesn't suffer from the problems that lead

It is an article that is continually being updated and reformed as I go through my journey

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